Plans are made to be broken

The block we've fallen in love with

Our initial moving plan was to rent for the first 12 months, settle into the area, make sure it was going to be what we really wanted and casually start looking for some land. However after our day of discovering impossibly green undulating hills with distant coastal views, the thought of buying straight up crossed our minds. We decided that Kenilworth was a bit far from Granny’s house and the Steiner school we wanted to send the boys to but we were very taken with Cooroy. We’d spoken to an agent there and had printouts of four lovely land parcels in the area. Over a couple of days ‘maybe’ turned into ‘why not’ and so we called the agent and arranged a time to view the properties.

So a couple of days later we met at her office in Cooroy and spent the afternoon being driven around the gob smacking countryside surrounding Cooroy. Many of the properties were quite steep, but pretty much all with amazing panoramic views. One property in particular caught our eye. Eight acres only seven minutes drive from Cooroy in the Black Mountain area. (I liked the idea that ‘Black Mountain might be our address. It sounded like something from a fantasy novel.) It was situated in a wonderful little valley with views of the near rolling hills bordered by a patch of rainforest on one boundary, a creek on the other, a northerly aspect and a gentle breeze flowing up the valley. The adjoining property was also for sale with a house site offering breathtaking views further afield to Noosa Heads but much steeper and $100K more, so we have our eye on the former. I started imagining where the house would be, where the veggies would be, where we’d put the chooks, where the fruit trees would go, where perhaps we’d keep some horses…I visualised our entire new life in minutes flat! As we stood there on the tailgate of the agents 4×4 gazing down the valley with the sun getting low in the sky and casting a brilliant orange light over everything it was very difficult not to sign on the dotted line there and then!  We drove home arguing all the points for and admitting that it seemed crazy to buy the first thing that we saw but commenting that ‘it just felt right’!

We’ve got a lot of research to do but we’re seriously considering putting in an offer!

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