Back in the game

As soon as we decided to truly ‘walk away’ and rethink our options the Vendors came back with a signed counter offer. Only $5k less than their original asking price and $30k more than our offer but seems like we called their bluff. They’d said they couldn’t afford to go any lower than their asking price and that they were close to having building plans approved. So we thought what the? Were they even serious about selling?

Meanwhile getting finance has proved to be a royal pain. First of all the issue was that there was no way we’d qualify for full doc since we’re both self-employed. Then the issue was that we might not qualify for low¬†doc as Nath (the main bread-winner) hasn’t been consistently trading for two years. Then it seemed like there were some lenders who would consider lo doc 12 months financials which we almost have. BUT then I hadn’t told the brokers that we want to buy through a Trust…Not possible apparently (without adequate financials). So I’m thinking this is difficult for a reason. We’re supposed to be doing something else…TRAVEL!!

All of a sudden I’m thinking about how much more freedom it will give us to have no major financial obligations for a while. No additional mortgage on land sitting around doing nothing, and not even any rent for a couple of months while we stay with family and sort out our plans.

My little sister has just started a job in Exmouth – diving off point for Ningaloo Reef. We’ve always wanted to dive there in Whale Shark season, which conveniently is coming up soon. So now I’m thinking perhaps we could take a bit of a detour west on our way north! And then India later in the year, if Australian’s are welcome.

So all these new ideas have spawned another blog page ‘Sidetracks’ an account of our upcoming travel deviations!

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