Lapping up the Big Smoke



We’ve entered the final countdown to departure now. Only one week to go! I’m excited, confused, flustered and a little in denial I think!

Aside from all the packing, organising, fitting 25 hours into a day we’re also squeezing in as much Melbourne joy as possible and we’ve had a damn lovely few days.

Saturday we hosted a garage sale. My first ever. I’ve lost my garage sale cherry. It was a little slow at first but picked up in the middle and then fizzed at the end. But we did make a coupla hundred bucks so I guess that’s a pretty good first time.

That night we had dinner at Melbourne’s infamous MoVida restaurant. I’ve been wanting to go for ages but either never got around to it, or couldn’t get a booking when I did get around to it…Well it was pretty incredible. We mostly went by the waiter’s recommendations and ate some delicious, amazingly presented tapa and racion. I particularly recommend the scallop tapa. I think it was a special that night as I can’t find it on their online menu. I also recommend the Carillera de buey – beef cheek braised for eight hours in Spanish Sherry. It’s like the equivalent of chocolate in the meat world. We also had the goat special. Even more delicate and tender than the beef. Unbelievable! We drank a couple of excellent Spanish whites recommended by the waiter. I can’t recall the names but they were both outstanding.  For dessert two of us had Flan con pestinos – Creme Caramel with Sherry spiced pastries and two others the Ganache caliente con turron – Hot Ganache with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. Both were truly decadent and delicious.   

We then finished off the night with a glass of conac and a big fat cuban cigar on the roof top at the Supper Club. What a way to finish a great night.

Sunday was family day on Puffing Billy. We’ve been meaning to go for years so we finally squeezed it in on our last available weekend in Melbourne. It was a lovely trip.  Both sat on the window ledge with their legs dangling and their heads craning for a glimpse of the train. However by the time we turned for home they were a little stir crazy and it was a mission keeping them happy. Tantrums left, right, and centre. Then dinner with some friends in Belgrave and a dip in their open air spa with views of eucalypts, tree ferns and Kookaburras.

Monday night I saw the Pixies play at Festival Hall on their Doolittle tour. Although I’m a die-hard fan it was the first time I’ve seen them live and it was awesome! They played all the faves and the best of their b-sides. ‘Where is my mind’ was a standout. On the way shuffling out the door, in response to the background music, a punter beside me said to his mate ‘why do they always play Heroes’ and the other guy said ‘It’s a really good song’! Was a funny memory for the end of a great gig.

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