Back to the story

So, to get back to the story, we have arrived in Queensland finally after lots of yo-yoing back and forth between Mexico and the North. Still all our stuff (which at the time of packing I deemed ‘could not live without’ but now can’t even remember what we own and am obviously coping without it) is in storage and we are staying with family.

Our land purchasing plans are on hold for the foreseeable future which is actually kind of a relief for me in the short-term. It’s a rare treat having options and minimal obligations. Especially with a family. The boys thankfully are proving to be natural-born gypsies and are revelling in this climate. Che has oddly just taken to wearing a beanie everywhere. So today we went to the beach and he wore togs and a beanie. A confused Victorian!

Our pressing life decision at the moment is whether to live somewhere beautiful with a view of rolling green hills or rolling blue waves. Decisions, decisions. After walks on the beach every day this week I’m starting to lean towards a year on the beach. I’m getting kind of used to the thought of getting up for a walk along the beach every morning before breakfast and then reading the paper with the sound of the waves in the background…I know a crazy fantasy…Imagine reading the morning paper with a three and one year old. I could almost get into comedy writing. (Almost).

My mind is good with fantasy at the moment.

That’s about all to report for now really. Rolling green hills or rolling blue waves. It’s a  million dollar question…So if you answer my poll you…won’t win a million dollars but it might be fun. 🙂

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