New Moon Detox

New Moon
New Moon Detox

Not Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight New Moon, the one in the sky tonight!

I’ve decided to do a 12 day new moon detox and tell you all about it. The new moon is a good time for new beginnings; for cleaning out the cr*p literally and figuratively. The detox that I’m doing is pretty simple (but daunting at this end of it!)…Vegan, no alcohol, no caffeine, no sugar, no added salt.

I am a dedicated omnivore. I love good food, sublime flavours and epicurean adventures so a vegan diet doesn’t appeal to me much. However I know that vegan food can be delicious so I’ll be posting recipes for what I cook.

I am also an absolute coffee nut. I’m not o.t.t. about it though. I only have one a day, but this one cup is an integral, necessary, imperative aspect to my day. It’s my time of pure self indulgence. Just the aroma of coffee makes me feel light and optimistic. So, no coffee for 12 days is going to be torture!! (I already know hot water with lemon and peppermint tea just isn’t gonna cut it.)

And as most mothers of young children will agree, a glass of wine at the end of a day of mothering is hard earned and savoured, so this is also gonna be tough.

Aaaaaaand I’m a huge sweet tooth. I grew up on a farm, spent a lot of my childhood in the kitchen baking with my grandma and the other part of it sitting around with my farming family drinking tea (white with one) and eating biscuits, cake, slice, anything baked and containing sugar. Not only do I love eating sweet treats, I also love baking them and feeding the people around me so I will miss that. *Deep Breath* It’s only 12 days!

Aside from the dietary adjustments I’m also setting the intention to live mindfully and in the present. As I write this I am scoffing cold pizza (homemade) so I guess my mindfulness has lots of room for improvement. Well, it’s currently 7.14pm and technically the new moon doesn’t happen till 8pm so I’m off the hook for the next 46 minutes.

Soooooo peppermint tea is the only morsel that will pass these lips till morning when I will breakfast on rolled oats, sultanas, banana and rice milk. And a cup of hot water and lemon.

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