Day One – No coffee, no cake, no sense!!

Spicy Lentil Soup
Spicy Red Lentil Soup with Chapatti

Day 1 – New Moon Detox

Already this morning I had a headache when I woke up. I think it was caused by the thought alone of no coffee!

This morning as planned I ate rolled oats, sultanas, banana and rice milk for breakfast…and some peppermint tea.

Then a morning spent doing yoga with the wonderful Rowan Bradley. Vinyasa flow, hand stand, headstand, shoulder stand…A great way to start a detox and fittingly I felt nauseous, headachy and emotional. There were even tears! Sheesh, why would you do a detox!

Went out with the girls for coffee after, well to watch them drinking coffee while I drank fresh juice. Sure it was delicious but the coffee was very seductive. As were the scrumtuous array of cakes and tarts. For most of the day I ate only almonds and apple. Purely because I was out and about and it’s all I brought with me. I did also accidentally devour a very sugary yo-yo. It was very funny. I was really enjoying it and then all of a sudden I remembered that I was off sugar. I felt very guilty…but still ate every last crumb! Afterwards though, I could really feel the stimulant effect of the sugar in my system. It made me feel distracted; not present. It gave me a very tangible understanding of the yoga concept of the witness consciousness. To observe emotions and not be defined by them. Also a good reminder to notice the effect that different foods play on emotional states. So part of being mindful and present is also thinking about the foods I consume and doing so mindfully with an awareness of cause and effect.

It was also interesting to realise how obsessed I became with hankering after food that I couldn’t have, mostly just because I couldn’t have it! The cafe I was in was called Envy and had artwork on the wall based around the Seven Deadly Sins…I was running with Lust… My friends’ coffees looked so good!

Soda water and lime
Soda water and lime

The evening was spent with a good friend cooking up a vegan storm. Spicy red lentil soup with chapatti. This is such a delicious recipe that I tore out of a Sainsburys Magazine a few years ago when I was living in London. I’ve included it on my recipe page. It’s great because it’s a soup that is hearty, instantly delicious and versatile. You can just throw in whatever veggies you’ve got lying around.

Fresh and dried fruit

And for drinking…a hearty red or a crispy white would have matched perfectly…Buuuut, went for soda water with fresh lime instead. Actually very delicious….And to finish grapes, strawberries and fat, delicious dates.

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