Day Two – More soda and lime

Beach Sunrise
Beach Sunrise

Day 2 – New Moon Detox

This morning started with a banana and walk on the beach, some Pixies on my iPod and a swim in the ocean. Off to a good start!

Then some peppermint tea at the local Beach Cafe…It was actually pretty tasty and I just concentrated on not looking at the delicious looking coffees the others at my table were drinking…Just like a white elephant, the thought of them didn’t even enter my consciousness!! …When I mentioned I was doing a detox and that part of it included no coffee one of my cafe companions said “well Italians have been drinking it for centuries and they’re ok”…That stopped me in my tracks. I am totally in love with anything Italian. It did make me think. Why do we do detoxes? Is it really necessary? Can’t our body deal with toxins fine? Don’t we have a liver and kidneys for a reason?

Well, I haven’t done a detox in a long time…I’m a huge yoga fan and a yogic lifestyle recommends one day of fast each week and longer fasts at various times during the year. The reasoning behind this is to create physical and mental strength. And already, despite all the belly aching about no coffee and no sugar, and ignoring the caffeine withdrawal headache I’m feeling energised and that if I can achieve this then I can transfer the commitment and resolve to other areas of my life and business.

Hoummus on wholemeal bread and fruit for lunch. Plus a cup of hot water and lemon.

Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival
The Festival Promotional image. Stunning gown by Richard De Chazal

A little left over Spicy Red Lentil Soup and then out to the Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival which showcased a selection of local designers including a friend’s label F.rock Fashion. For me Linda India was a standout with her beautiful beachy 100% indian cotton dresses, skirts and shirts. She also had some gorgeous, quirky looking Baba Jumpsuits (pictured).

Linda India Baba Jumpsuit
Linda India Baba Jumpsuit

I was in heels which is VERY unusual for me. I’m already tall so wearing heels makes me feel a bit like a giraffe. I could have really done with a champagne but given the heels it was probably a good thing I was alcohol free!

Out for drinks after and I drank…surprise, surprise…soda and lime!!

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