Day 3 – Crescent Moon Cravings

Crescent moon and venus
Crescent moon with moonglow and venus - September 11 2010 - Southern Hemisphere

New Moon Detox – Day 3

Wow day three already. This is a breeze! …Hmmm still missing coffee though.

Again this morning was begun with a beach jaunt and a banana and then home for breakfast – museli and soy milk with fresh strawberries and blueberries. Very delicious.

Then some friends over for lunch so some vegan entertaining required.

Dips (basil pesto, pumpkin pesto and beetroot dip)* with turkish bread and veggie sticks to start. My party were drinking sapporo and wine. I was on, surprise, surprise soda and lime! And a few cups of tea – peppermint and also lemon. It was a gorgeous sunny day and although it was tempting at times to think of sipping a crispy glass of white it was actually great to have a clear head to truly enjoy the sun, the flavours and the conversation.

* You can omit cheese and yoghurt from these recipes for a vegan friendly version.

Dips with turkish bread and veggie sticks
Dips with turkish bread and veggie sticks

Veggie Sticks
Veggie Sticks
Thai green curry with tofu and vegetables
Thai green curry with tofu and vegetables

Lunch was Thai Green Curry with tofu and rice plus some barbecued fish for the non-detoxers. There’s a bit of palm sugar and fish sauce in the curry so it was a bit of a deviation from my strict detox guidelines but the great thing about rules is that they can be broken with the best of intentions from time to time! This is probably a contentious issue for some so I’d be interested to know what you think. Have your say in my little pole…Are rules made to be broken?

Fruit platter
Fruit platter

Dessert was a delicious fruit platter containing paw paw, strawberries, blueberries, watermelon and more delicious dates. Apparently  dates stuffed with mascarpone is delicious. I’ll be trying that as soon as my detox finishes. Sounds yummy.

Did anyone see the moon last night? It was a perfect crescent in a circle of moonglow with one very bright star above it. This star is Venus.  Really beautiful.  Just as the sun had set there was still a pale glow about the horizon. It backlit the silhouette of trees and provided a beautiful foundation for the indigo sky above with that amazing moon glowing in the centre. It reminded me of the ceiling above the stage at the Forum Theatre in Melbourne – a well known comedy and music venue. It has a cut out silhouette of an Arabian night sky with a midnight blue starry sky painted behind and backlighting illuminating the whole thing. It’s very striking.

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