Day 5 – Want to be calmer and less stressed?

Living in the moment
Living in the moment

New Moon Detox – Day 5

Do you ever feel distracted, frustrated, confused or tired? It’s largely due to not being present with what you’re doing.

Right now for example… Are you reading this with mindfulness or do you also have your attention on the next blog you want to read or checking what your friends on facebook are up to. Maybe you’re compiling a mental shopping list or thinking about some event that happened in the day.

I am frequently off with the pixies. In the past or in the future and therefore not fully present with where I am, what I’m doing or who I’m with.

What I’ve discovered is that my mind is much calmer since undertaking this detox and as a benefit I’m finding easier to be present.

One of the principles of Yoga is The Three Gunas or food groups. The purest foods are called Sattvic foods. These include cereals, fresh fruit and vegetables and other whole foods. A diet predominant in these foods leads to a calm mind and I am truly experiencing that.

A Yogic Diet - The Three Gunas
A Yogic Diet - The Three Gunas

The other food groups are Rajastic foods which include stimulants such as coffee, sugar and very salty foods. Too much of this group leads to over-stimulation which is distracting and can aggravate stress and anxiety.

The last group is Tamastic foods which include meat, alcohol, tobacco, onions etc. Too much of these foods cause inertia and a clouded mind.

Sure the ideal is a completely Sattvic diet but do what works for you. For some this is perfect. For me I love chocolate, good wine, fine coffee and the odd cigar! So I choose to include these in my diet with mindfulness and moderation. (When I’m not detoxing.) It’s about being aware of cause and effect and taking ownership over your wellbeing.

Today brought a lot of mindfulness to my day. I felt in the moment with everything I did instead of being distracted by thoughts of the past or future. I swam in the ocean this morning feeling and noticing the water and waves. Feeling grateful to be alive, healthy and living in such a beautiful place.

Children are great teachers of patience and tolerance!
Children are great teachers of patience and tolerance!

My boys Indi and Che are four and two respectively. They are lively little boys who like to be loud and active. Sibling rivalry is well installed in our house. So they try my patience like the master teachers that they are. They can easily send me into my emotions…anger, frustration, exasperation…However today I felt calmer, less attached to my emotions and more able to deal with situations as they arose with logical clear thinking. I also think as a result the boys were a little calmer too.

Check in with yourself right now. How are you feeling? Lazy, nervous, calm? What did you eat and drink today? Can you see a link?

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