Day 6 – Aha…it’s the ritual….

Daily Coffee Ritual
Daily Coffee Ritual

New Moon Detox – Day 6

I’ve just deleted three paragraphs of grieving over my daily coffee because I realised it’s not so much the coffee, it’s the ritual I’m pining for. My daily coffee ritual.

My morning coffee is my daily ‘me’ time. It’s when I get REALLY present! First with the aroma, then with the steps involved in making it, then the flavour and finally the soothing, buzzy feeling it gives me. Mostly it’s the pure indulgence of focussed time to myself.

I just realised that I’m floating about in this detox without my daily grounding ‘me time’. And that above all else is what I’m missing the most. What a revelation.

How much time do you take out of the day for yourself? Rituals are so important. They keep is centred and provide the punctuation to our day. The elements that tie it together and make it read right!

Felafel & Hummus
Felafel & Hummus

I’m not going to say much more about today. Except that the day was finished with a felafel pita with homemade hummus and crispy raw salad. You can find my excellent and easy hummus recipe on my recipe page.

Think about creating a self nurturing ritual for yourself.

You, will thank You for it!

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