Day 9 – How To Create An Illusion In 3 Easy Steps

Scorpion Pose
Scorpion Pose

New Moon Detox – Day 9

Everything’s an illusion made up by us! How do I know? Coffee showed me!

…A friend had been reading my blog and remarked that it was funny that I obsess about coffee and grumble about it in every post. I hadn’t paid it much attention but he was right. He said he can go for weeks with no coffee and it’s no big deal. Whereas for me a day without coffee is a huge deal. 12 days with no coffee is a mission that I need to write about daily!

So the illusion that I make up in my life is that coffee is a necessary part of my day. I relate to that as a universal truth but infact it is only true in the particular way I relate to it in my world alone. Therefore it’s an illusion. I could create that I don’t like coffee and if I said it enough and really put energy and conviction into it, it would be true.

I have been a cigarette smoker in the past. At the time I was completely hooked. I couldn’t go without. Then one day I decided to stop and for the first few days it was hard. I told myself I needed them and it was a struggle. Then slowly I didn’t think about them so much. And now the thought of having a cigarette doesn’t hold any appeal at all.

You can apply this to any area of your life. The most important part is knowing what you want and visualising it. Then with conviction, passion and determination you can create it.

A challenge that I have set for myself is to be able to master the yoga pose ‘Scorpion’ . It’s a variation of Headstand. The first time I saw a picture of it I thought wow, that’s incredible, imagine being able to do that. Then a friend said “well why don’t you”. So I’ve been trying.

I’m still not quite there but I can do it for a few seconds with my toes against the wall. At first I couldn’t even move my hands from the clasped position of Headstand, so that alone was a triumph. Then feeling my legs bending over my head was very unnatural at first but now after lots of attempts I’m starting to build muscle memory and more importantly visualising getting into the pose and safely out again.

This might at first not seem related to my detox but the theme that links is that anything is possible. Even 12 days without coffee!

Oh, and I’ve started jabbering at you and not talking so much about food haven’t I? That’s interesting. I guess food has become less important and it’s created a clearing for increased mindfulness which was the intention that I set at the start of this so it’s all unfolding!

Marinated Tofu Steaks
Marinated Tofu Steaks

I will just say that I had a delicious tofu steak with hummus, salad in a fresh pitta pocket for dinner. Check my recipe page for the marinade I used with the tofu. Even if you thought you didn’t like tofu you will love this!

Go and create an illusion. 🙂

Further Reading

Illusions, The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah. By Richard Bach

Is Life an Illusion? By Arya Bhushan

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