Day 11 – French Sin With A Little Bit of Greek

French Sin
French Sin

New Moon Detox – Day 11

The answer to

Today got off to a good start…Some morning Yoga with my two lovely sons buzzing around me. “No darling, don’t pull on Mummy’s legs while I’m doing a Headstand”!

Porridge with banana and oat milk and then off to Noosa Farmers Market.


The Sunshine Coast is full of great fresh produce markets and I haven’t checked them all out but my favourite so far is the Noosa Farmers Market. It’s a collection of gourmet stall holders selling a deliciously sublime array of food including plenty of fresh veg and fruit, cheese, olives, yoghurt, pasta, flowers, sprouts, nuts, fish, biodynamic meat, coffee, gyoza, wheat grass, cakes, chocolate and the list continues. I’m too hungry to continue it now!

The produce is a feast for all the senses literally. That is such a cliched term I know but literally feasting your eyes is almost as yummy as feasting your belly.

Cherry Tomatoes
Cherry Tomatoes

So,can you tell I’m beating around the bush a little? Can you guess I have a terrible secret to share; that I’m having trouble coughing it up? You’re probably wondering when I’m going to connect to my headline and naughty french maid pic?

Can you take a guess? Maybe I won’t say anything, just let it slide unnoticed, unknown, pretend it didn’t happen?

I’m dangling a carrot aren’t I? You really want to know don’t you?

Well OK, I’ll tell you, but just remember that this is day 11 ok…

I feel off the wagon!

Yep, today at the market I broke my detox rules…

I had a bite of croissant and a bite of haloumi.

Croissant Sin

The croissant was, I have to admit a little premeditated. When I decided to go to the market this morning I thought there is no way I can not have ANY croissant if we go there…These croissants by local french patisserie French Sin are incredible. Honestly the best croissants I’ve eaten outside of France. They’re baked onsite so come straight out of the oven warm and crispy on the outside, doughy and delicious in the middle. My mouth is watering just thinking about them. I have one in the freezer for Tuesday morning…Yes I am already planning my coming week around my frozen French Sin croissant and a purposeful trip to Veneziano in Cotton Tree for a double ristretto latte!

And the haloumi…It was but a little waif of a thing. It was all Trevor’s fault. The be-quiffed trumpet player from Melbourne turned Maleny Cheesemaker. I was actually there buying Mozarella di Buffala and he twisted my arm cruelly and made me taste the haloumi, which was terribly…delicious! He runs Cedar Creek Cheeserie. Apparently there are a herd of Buffalo near Maleny so his cheeses are super fresh and super delicous!

So can you believe after 10 days of belly aching about coffee it was not that but pastry and cheese that did me in!

When I confessed this to a friend he said I will have to restart the clock and begin the detox again. I say that this humanises me and that it’s good training for loving imperfection.

I am an Aquarian and so I can become obsessed with ideals and exhausted trying to achieve them. It truly is an important lesson to love things just as they are and just as they aren’t. I mean after all isn’t it the little imperfections that characterise us and those we love rather than the stuff that’s, um, perfect?

What do you think? Have I failed on the back of a bite of cheese and a morsel of croissant?

So, where does this leave me?

…On the home straight is where! One day to go and I’m already dreaming of my de-detox meal! There will be wine, there will be cheese, there will be a little chicken, there will be amazingly creamy boysenberry yoghurt, there will be chocolate and then in the morning there will be coffee and croissant!

And so you want to know the answer to true happiness? Loving imperfection. It’s perfect!

Coffee and Croissant
Coffee and croissant...mmm

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