Life After Detox = Coffee!

Veneziano Coffee
My de-detox Veneziano coffee

New Moon Detox – Post Script

While the detox is officially over and therefore so too this sequence of blog posts, I thought you might be interested in hearing about Life After Detox!!

I want to tell you about my first sublime morning off detox…

The morning of coffee and croissant! I woke up at 5.30am and crept down stairs like a little mouse while my sons slept. Pulled my French Sin croissant out of the freezer and lovingly placed it on the bench to thaw. (Do you recall I bought it at Noosa Farmers Market a couple of days ago in anticipation of this day?)

Later that morning I made a bee-line for Veneziano for a special de-detox coffee.

After 12 days of whining and pining my first coffee wasn’t just any old brew. Veneziano pride themselves on their coffee snobbery. They’re very choosy about the beans they use. They roast their beans in Brisbane (no stale, imported stuff). They use full cream, locally produced Maleny Milk and the magical cup is created by Baristas who have an artisan’s approach to their craft. Not to mention the shiny, beautiful coffee equipment they use (that’s another story).

A coffee is a coffee right? WRONG! It’s a story. It begins with once upon a time there were excellent, lovingly selected and roasted beans. Then the beans were ground to perfection, tamped and polished just so and extracted in ideally 30 seconds. If you take your coffee milky (latte, cappuccino, piccolo etc) then the milk too should be good quality. Many of us are obsessed with low fat, no fat, skim milk and then we add sugar. Much better to go for full fat milk and cut the sugar.

Coffee @ Veneziano
Coffee @ Veneziano

The fat in milk is actually sweet and very good for you (in moderation), whereas refined sugars are not. The milk should be warmed to an ideal 65 degrees (an expert Barista will know this by touch – when it’s just too hot to handle it’s done). Any hotter and the milk fat starts to burn off and this creates bitter milk and then the greater need for sugar. Catch 22.

And then the whole cup of magic gets finished off with some expert latte art and the coffee becomes a delight to the eyes as well as the nose and lips. And everyone lives happily ever after.

This is exactly the story that went into my cup. And whilst it’s lush to drink out of fine Italian ceramics or glassware, sitting outside under the Sunshine Coast sun, looking at the ocean, sitting beside a special someone is even better!

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