Second Chance Resolutions

New Year
New year resolutions passed some of us by!

Tonight is a new moon solar eclipse. Want to know more? Check out the detail at Astrology Zone.  In a nutshell it means a powerful time for intention setting. A second chance for those of us who didn’t set resolutions four days ago.


New Moon Solar Eclipse
New Moon Solar Eclipse

So it’s a new year and I hadn’t made any New Year’s resolutions. Friends around me chatted about their’s. Facebook status updates were packed with the likes of ‘my best year yet’, ‘a great year in store’, ‘this year my goals are’ etc, etc.


I on the other hand had a gut feeling it was going to be a good year. Better than last year surely, hopefully.

Then an insidious little thought started worming its way into my head. What if this year isn’t any different to last year? What if it’s just more of the same? What if, heaven forbid I need to be cause in the matter? What if hoping and vaguely feeling isn’t enough. What if some action is required?

Hmmm, I really started realising that you gotta make it. You gotta get out there and do something. Wishing and hoping is great for sure but it’s not the whole story.

And the other thing I realised is being attached to ‘perfect’ often ends up in ‘nothing’.

Let me give you an example…I’m always thinking of magazine articles and blog posts I want to write but for one reason or another I don’t get around to it and then I just sort of give up, thinking, well it didn’t happen perfectly the way I wanted it to so I let it go.

I started this blog a few months ago with grand ideas of prolific blogging which of course would lead to a book deal or at the very least a regular column in some awesome rag. I started with dribs and drabs, got really motivated with daily blogging throughout a detox…then…nothing. I thought frequently about posting, then slowly it fell to the bottom of my priorities until it was all but forgotten. Sound familiar?

Tonight I got a WordPress update with my yearly stats and found that despite not posting since September I’ve had daily page views and in total three boeing 747’s worth of people have viewed my blog! It reminded me that it’s out there. My words, stuff I did last year. Stuff I can be proud of. Stuff that I can continue with. Stuff that is imperfectly perfect and that’s ok.

Shit, I hope I don’t sound too self-helpy but I just wanted to get some words out. I’m even resisting the urge to draft and redraft and send this out in a week or probably never. Nope, I’m going with rough and ready something, better than nothing.

And I’m grabbing 2011 by the horns and getting all creative on its arse!

Catch a fish

What am I creating? Well amongst a fairly long list is:


  • Catching a fish, gutting it, cooking it and sharing it with friends
  • Learning to massage
  • Being mindful…damn this is a hard one…moment to moment!
  • Some stuff around love and business
  • And…blog at least once a week. Phew, it’s down in writing… Now I’m committed.

I’d love to hear a couple of your resolutions / intentions for the year. Go on and post a comment!

Wishing you a perfectly imperfect 2011. 🙂


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