Write for F’s sake…and the other 25!

Write for F's sake
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Okey dokey. Here I am with a white page in front of me, a keyboard full of letters and a dazzling array of punctuation options… and 10 working fingers (well eight if you want to get technical).

So this is all about how I love to write… And hardly ever do, for pleasure at least. All day, every day I have loads of ideas for articles, blogs, books, yadda, yadda, and that’s where they stay… As little pfts of thought. To those of you out there with a love of words, does this sound familiar? Great ideas, but not enough time?

Well, I saw a great TED talk the other night on the topic of 30 day challenges. Things that you’ve always wanted to do but never do.  The speaker, Matt Cutts, went from being a “desk dwelling computer nerd” (his words) to riding his bike to work everyday, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and writing a novel in a month.

Wow, inspiring I thought… I was discussing this with a friend today. A friend who knows I love to write but am largely talk and not much write… He challenged me to a 30 day writing challenge. For an hour a day I write for the next 30 days. I’ve set aside an hour a day when I know I’ll have some quiet time. Then, I write.

So this is day one and I have to say I’m pretty excited about it.

Even just making the time to write this much is a revelation!

Each day I plan to just sit down and write about anything that comes to mind. For no other purpose other than just to write. A case of quantity not quality probably!!

And I’m going to post it here as a way of holding myself accountable. (And I’m not going to obsess over pics, links, perfection etc… Just gonna let it go!) …Oops – forgot to include a header pic. Can’t have that, so this is repost #2. (Bear with me, I’ll get slicker at this. 🙂 )

Well I’ve just completed my first hour and I’ve finished this post and tomorrow’s is already written. Wow, amazing what is possible with a little intention and commitment.

But can I last the distance… stay tuned!


8 thoughts on “Write for F’s sake…and the other 25!

  1. Hoi! That’s a cool idea! The 30 day challenge! I think I’ll have to come up with one for myself:) I’ll also have to send a picture I drew recently that expresses what exactly writing does in images. It concentrates consciousness, which is light! & that lights a fire within us:) Cool, the fire within Leonie is sparked, in 30 days it will be a blazing inferno -woohoo!!!! xxn

    1. Hoi to you! Yeah, keep me posted. Love to hear what 30 day challenge you come up with. 🙂 And yes do send/post/email that picture. Interesting concept. Words are like pictures – signifiers of meaning. A way to communicate mental pictures… All my literary theory from uni is coming back into my head. So fascinating! …Blazing inferno – I like it! 🙂

    1. Great to hear! This 30 day challenge of mine has resulted in my last post being Freshly Pressed. Magical things happen with intention and commitment… Check back in and let me know what 30 day challenge you come up with. 🙂

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