First Kisses
First Kisses

Do you remember your first kiss?
I do, vividly.

His name was Angus.
He had bright red hair.
We were two farm kids in love.
We were five.

On this day dad drove me to his place to play for the afternoon.
I had a plastic cordial bottle full of live grasshoppers to impress him.
He had a pocket knife… I was very impressed.
He showed me the plague of mice in the haystack. I was even more impressed.

We played all day with his rad toys.
He cut up fruit for me with his knife.
We swung on his gate. He kissed me, his nose was snotty.
I don’t remember being impressed with that!

The next week at school I gift wrapped a couple of my matchbox cars.
And asked the teacher to put them in his bag as I was too scared.
The day after that his friend gave me some silver bangles.
They were from him but I guess he was scared too.

First kiss stories are the best.
And just as numerous as
idle copies of Reader’s Digest.
Do tell all…!


5 thoughts on “First Kisses

  1. … swinging on a gate, my favourite act in childhood… and catching grasshoppers too. But I usually put them in a glass bottle. 😀

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