I’ve Been Freshly Pressed And I’m Flat Out Chuffed!

Freshly Pressed
Freshly Pressed

DAY 5:30 Day Writing Challenge

Wowwwwwww! So here we are at day five of my 30 day writing challenge. A few days ago I was sitting with my partner talking about how much I love writing. Inspired by a TED talk we’d watched he challenged me to 30 days of writing. Hoooeeeey! “OK” I said.

I’m a procrastination queen but always one to rise to a challenge so it was the perfect antidote to my tardy ways. So every day (even on the weekends) I will write for a minimum of one hour.

Half way through my first hour I immediately thought, “this has to go on my blog”. Just get it out and get used to sharing. Not an easy thing. I can’t even stand someone looking over my shoulder while I write. So finally releasing something to the public has in the past been a challenge. There’s always been the annoying temptation to draft and redraft which often ends in me trashing it.

It’s tempting as a blogger to remain anonymous. But I have to say it’s been incredibly liberating to just be me and say hi here I am and this is what I think, like, feel and do. I can see that honesty and openness gives others something to relate and connect to. It’s exciting to think that I can potentially have a conversation with a world full of people I don’t know (yet)!

When I first set up this blog I had a daydream which involved being ‘Freshly Pressed’ (that’s the blog showcase page for anyone not familiar with wordpress.com)…  Yup, little old me and leavinthebigsmoke on the front page of WordPress. Out of so many thousands of awesome blogs it was a grand scheme indeed.

And whadda ya know! This morning I woke up, checked email and watched as message after message came through from WordPress admin asking me to moderate, that my post had been liked, that I had new subscribers. Holy moly. Woohoo. I vaguely thought my blog must have been shared on some other blog networks… Then I came to the email congratulating me on being Freshly Pressed and welcoming me to an ‘elite’ group.

Site Stats
Site Stats: Close to 3000 views today!

My initial response was flabbergasted silence… Then came that little feeling welling in my belly, working it’s way up to my fluttering heart and then racing out of my mouth as a yeeeeeehaaaaaa!!!

I don’t think I really believed I could do it. It was a distant pipe dream… But then voila, with nothing more than a cute story about a second-hand watch, there I was, front and center (well a little off to the left actually)!

I’m not a pro-blogger by a long shot. I’m just a gal who loves words, who has poor follow-through, who often doesn’t finish what she starts… but who is starting to see what happens when you commit to an idea and follow through with it.

The best part has been hearing from like minds around the world. I’ve had many comments from fellow second-hand bargain hunters, other writers and also some advice from (I think) India on my Yoga and vegetarianism debate. How fabulous that the world really is right under your finger tips. The power of blogging is exciting!

And the second part of my dream is to be picked up by a glossy travel and lifestyle magazine and be paid to travel the world and write about anything that comes to mind.

…Just so you know, Universe!! 😉


This is Day Five of a 30 day writing challenge
inspired by Matt Cutts on TED Talks

4 thoughts on “I’ve Been Freshly Pressed And I’m Flat Out Chuffed!

  1. Wow! Congratulations! I don’t really care for 2nd hand watches, but my partner has a fascination with them so I clicked on your Freshly Pressed post. Who knew I’d come across a fellow yogi, sustainable living aspirant writer! It’s even more interesting that I didn’t come across you through ecopressed or you weren’t writing about sustainable country life, nope, just watches (well…..2nd hand, but nonetheless).
    From Canada 🙂

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