Skipped Yoga, Hit The Beach, Ate A Bagel, Be’d The Me’est Me.

Skipped Yoga, Hit the Beach
Skipped Yoga, Hit the Beach

DAY 6:30 Day Writing Challenge

This morning I skipped my usual Saturday morning yoga and meditation class and hit the beach instead. It’s the middle of winter here but the ‘Sunshine Coast’ lived up to it’s name. A glorious sunny morning, low tide and wide beaches. The water was calm and flat (which is how I like it – even though I’m a Surf Life Saver I’m still not a big fan of waves). The water was crystal clear and refreshing. I was in the height of happiness bobbing around on the gentle swell, watching the waves peel off and curl in the distance. Then float on my back and stare up at the blue stratosphere. Although I didn’t make it to Yoga I certainly felt at unity with the absolute!

And then after a delicious hot shower that was almost impossible to leave it was time for a further spiritual epiphany… Coffee time! I sat at a big wooden table with some friends in the sun with bare feet crossed on my bench seat under the table, sipping that delicious warm brew and once again feeling at unity with all things. Another cheshire cat moment. 🙂

And for brekky… An expertly poached egg (it really is an art) on half a bagel (how awesome are bagels) and a little roast tomato, fresh spinach and cracked pepper… Oh and not to forget the worchestershire sauce. (Do you have to sound that out phonetically in your head too?!)

Ocean, coffee, eggs and sunshine soon led to great chats…

Dumbing Down
Dumbing Down

One topic was about how we often dumb ourselves down in order to fit in, especially during our teenage years. But many of us never get around to letting ourselves shine as brightly as we can. I know I’ve been through periods of this in my life. Of using simpler words for example so I don’t get called a walking dictionary. But what a friggin shame that we feel the need to not live to our fullest potential; To hide our light under a bushel.

At the risk of sounding like a cheesy self help hack I really felt the need to discuss and highlight personal greatness in this post. We all have our own peculiar, unique, extraordinary combination of qualities, talents, abilities and knowledge. But it takes a while to let them all out and just be yourself. It’s so tempting to want to be like the next person, to belong to a club or a group or a movement or a style. But it is so powerful and inspiring to totally be the unique combination of you, wholly and completely.

I don’t think we’re taught or encouraged to do this. Sure our parents tell us we’re wonderful and that we can do anything. But this isn’t supported by mainstream education or social interactions. So it ends up being a journey of personal discovery where most of us have to go off and do personal development courses and read self help books in order to “find” ourselves.

Here in Australia there is a social phenomenon referred to as the ‘tall poppy syndrome’ – a tendency to ‘cut people down to size’. If you’re promoting yourself, celebrating your achievements or feeling happy with yourself you often get responses like “you’ve got tickets on yourself”, “you’ve got a big head” or simply “what a wanker”.

I don’t want to get into instructional lecture mode here I just want to say – be the youest you, that you can be. Why? Because there’s not one single other person in the world who will be able to do it if you don’t.

Here are some inspiring quotes on this topic that I love…

Dr Seuss
Dr Seuss


“Today you are You,
that is truer than true.
There is no one alive
who is Youer than You.”
– Dr Seuss



Coco Chanel
Coco Chanel


“In order to be irreplaceable
one must always be different”.
– Coco Chanel





Bill & Ted
Bill & Ted


“Be excellent to each other”.
– Bill & Ted




Frank Sinatra
Frank Sinatra


I made a few
but then again,
too few to mention.
I did it my way.”
– Frank Sinatra



And finally a great song by a smart guy, about the wonderfulness of just being you, even when it doesn’t seem easy:

“It’s not easy being green”. – Kermit

This is Day Six of a 30 day writing challenge
inspired by Matt Cutts on TED Talks


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