Fetish For Kitchen Aprons
Fetish For Kitchen Aprons

After a day of overwhelm and tears yesterday I’m going for something cozy and sweet today. A topic that’s been waiting to come out for some time now.

A post all about Kitchen Aprons.

I love them. Since I’m in such a kitsch mood I should really say I heart them! I have a few hanging in my pantry and I wear them whenever I can. It’s an automatic reflex. As soon as I step foot in the kitchen I immediately grab an apron and tie it on.

It’s akin to rolling up your sleeves and saying “right, let’s get into it”. Makes me feel I can jump in and have fun. I can drip flour, chocolate sauce, bechamel… whatever happens to be going and get it all over myself, then at the end I can take off my apron and I’m still neat and clean underneath. This is starting to sound really nerdy isn’t it! …But I’m sure there must be quite a healthy collection of apron lovers out there who understand.

Aprons, aprons, aprons!
Aprons, aprons, aprons!

I’d say I’m a fairly forward thinking kind of girl. Very independent, ‘modern’ I guess you could say. And I’m not really a girly, girl. I’m happiest in Jeans… But when it comes to kitchen aprons I morph into some sort of hybrid 50’s housewife. Sometimes I wear my apron most of the day, like a house jacket. Once I put it on I just think well I might as well leave it on. The boys don’t care what I look like and it’s just so convenient.

Some aprons are so lovely that they could be worn as dresses I think. And I love those little pinnies. How cute it would be to wear one out and about. Imagine wearing a pinnie to the movies for example, or to a bar. You may just get a job!

My Butcher's Apron
My Butcher’s Apron

I have an edgy blue and white striped butcher’s apron that makes me feel the business, but increasingly my heart is yearning for something a little more refined. Something that says “I am in love with kitchen aprons” and I’m not even going to try to be cool about it anymore. Something with spots and frills. Something in pink, cherry, fuschia or flamingo. A little white, a little yellow. Even a little teal would be ok. (Wow, I didn’t realise I knew so many different pinks. Aprons do strange things to me.)

Frills & Spots
Frills & Spots

I don’t know where I got my apron (shall we just call a spade a spade – ‘fetish’) from. My mother doesn’t wear one. My grandmother’s wear them very occasionally but far from regularly. It’s bizarre. I am trying to pass the gene down the line though. My two sons each have little aprons with their names on them. They’re probably more like carpenter’s aprons, but aprons nonetheless.

I’d love to hear from other apron lovers. Why do you love them so?

Are you a full length, half-length, frilly, plain, retro or minimalist kind of apron fanatic?

This is Day Eight of a 30 day writing challenge
inspired by Matt Cutts on TED Talks



10 thoughts on “Fetish For Kitchen Aprons

  1. I too love aprons Leonie. I have 3, a red frilly poka dot one, a floral homemade one and a just below the waist one (pretty useless if you ask me). Baz thinks it really funny when I put my apron on and then i pretend to put one on him. We bake together a couple of times a week. I do however, dislike hard plastic aprons, a person needs to be able to bend whilst in the kitchen.

    1. Oh I have red-frilly-polkadot-apron envy!! …Those below the waist one’s are kind of useless in a practical sense but they’re all about aesthetics. They’re so damn cute that’s job done for them I say!!

  2. Aprons make it look like you know what you are doing in the kitchen. I have a bright red one I bought when a local book store went out of business. It has the store logo on it and was one of the official aprons that the employees wore. It only paid a couple of bucks for it.

    I wore it when I helped out with Sunday breakfast at church yesterday. I felt like a serious cook. It was the apron effect!

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