By Griffin D.
By Griffin D.

I’d like to tell you a little story about lost love.

It’s harrowing, cheesy in parts, but full of passion.

So, my eight year old desktop computer had finally turned up its heels and insisted on retirement. Yup, made me an offer I couldn’t refuse… It just up and died. Sure the writing was on the wall… The fans were blown, it was full of dust, it was already having the odd aneurism… Finally one day it just didn’t turn on. So, finally I made the enforced but wonderful transition from desktop to laptop and from pc to Mac… And it really is true – there’s no going back!!

I’d not long had this shiny little darling with all my work files, photos and life on it, that It and I flew to Melbourne for the weekend. It wasn’t until I’d been at my friend’s house for a few hours that I realised I didn’t know where it was. I searched high and low, trying to deny the knowing that it was lost. You know that feeling when you know something but you don’t want it to be true? Yes, that’s how I felt. Denial about being in denial.

My very gracious friends ran me back out to the airport where I retraced my steps… Nothing. I checked baggage claim. They hadn’t seen it. It was a Friday night so Lost and Found was closed until Monday morning. Argh, soooooo frustrating. I had a huge sinking feeling in my stomach and felt like such an idiot.

I spent the rest of that night feeling sorry for myself. Thankfully by the next day I’d let it go and chalked it up to experience and stupidity. I had a fun weekend with great friends and got a bit of mileage out of my hapless fortune.


On Monday morning I returned to the airport to catch my flight home. Although I’d resigned myself to the fact that it was gone, being back at the scene of the crime and with Lost and Found open, I built up hope again. I checked all Lost and Found departments and none had seen my laptop.

Silly me for getting my hopes up. It just meant I had to come back down to earth with a painful thud… I threw my arms up in the air and lamented “come on universe”!

By now I was getting better at letting go of expectation, so in only five minutes this time I’d gotten over it… Next destination, coffee!

My friend and I had just sat down with our coffees for a few last minutes of chatting when I got a call from Lost and Found to say that a cleaner had just handed in a laptop and they were pretty sure it was mine. My heart did a little leap of happiness and I tore through the crowd to their office… It probably looked like scene from a cheesy movie where a lover runs through the crowd, hair billowing behind to meet a long-lost lover! Except that I was running towards my laptop.

I arrived, clapped eyes on the laptop and shouted “Yes! It’s mine!!” I gave the woman a hug and left a cash reward for the finder, then skipped back to my friend. She couldn’t believe it!

Wow, how lucky was I?! I learnt a few lessons from that little episode:

1. Be present and in the moment – otherwise you leave stuff lying about

2. Stressing, regretting and beating yourself up has absolutely no positive outcome

3. The world is a decent place

4. I love my laptop!

A few days ago I wrote about non-desk writing locations in my post “Ditch the Desk”. Now that I’ve explained the affectionate connection I have to my lovely inanimate object I’d like to share some of this week’s writing locations with you in pictures… Starring you know who!!

This is Day 25 of my 30 day writing challenge
inspired by Matt Cutts on TED Talks

Kitchen Desk

Cafe Desk
Cafe Desk
Garden Desk
Garden Desk
Bed Desk
Bed Desk

2 thoughts on “My Lost Inanimate Love

  1. That is cute.

    Great example of the importance of being mindful or living in the moment. Your event would have ruin the weekend for many. Good job for being able to let go, so you could enjoy your visit with friends.

    – Jodi

  2. That’s so great they found it! I had a similar thing happen when my husband bought me a notebook to take to a conference. I left it somewhere, and didn’t even realize it until later (the evening was mixing and mingling, not taking notes). The next day someone had turned it in! The world really is a good place. 🙂

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